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Our team of pharmaceutical and health experts rely on systems that enable them to instantly locate information in electronic and hard-copy documents. Paper documents must be scanned and converted to highly accurate, searchable electronic files. These services are available to your company.

High-speed, automated programs correct the error-ridden text that your OCR program "hides" behind PDF scanned images. This is the only digital imaging service that takes you Beyond Paper-to-PDF (or other imaging solution). More!

End the countless hours searching for development, manufacturing, regulatory, and validation documentation.

  • Create electronic filing cabinets with searchable, electronic versions
    of your hard-copy documents.
  • Move the steel cabinets to a more remote (less expensive)
    location in the facility.
  • Use your browser to instantly find critical information in
    the electronic archive.
  • Quickly locate the hard-copy when needed (e.g., during an FDA inspection).
Visit our Document Capture site for details:


Turn your filing cabinets into searchable electronic archives...

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