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FDA Approval Activities for this Drug…

CHORIOGONADOTROPIN ALFA Injection 0.25MG/VIAL OVIDREL SERONO INC | 017067 GONADOTROPIN, CHORIONIC Injection 10,000 UNITS/VIAL CHORIONIC GONADOTROPIN AM PARTNERS | 017692 GONADOTROPIN, CHORIONIC Injection 10,000 UNITS/VIAL PREGNYL ORGANON USA INC | 017016 GONADOTROPIN, CHORIONIC Injection 10,000 UNITS/VIAL CHORIONIC GONADOTROPIN STERIS | Pregnyl (chorionic gonadotropin) Injection, Organon Inc., Labeling Revision | Pregnyl (gonadotropin, chorionic ) Injection, Organon USA Inc., Labeling Revision | Chorionic Gonadotropin, gonadotropin, chorionic, Injectable; Injection, Fresenius Kabi Usa, Manufacturing Change or Addition | Pregnyl, gonadotropin, chorionic, Injectable; Injection, Organon Usa Inc, Manufacturing Change or Addition

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